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Hot off the knitting needles…

Fingerless gloves

I am so excited that I finished these cozy fingerless gloves just in time for my trip to Lake Tahoe!

For the past couple years my design firm has maintained a steady stream of work in the Tahoe area, thus making me a frequent visitor. At the height of a project we visit the job site monthly and up here they don’t stop construction in the winter. I’m always impressed by how tough our construction crews are. They work full days… outdoors… without heat, and when I am here I try to keep up without too much complaining. So when I caught myself whimpering about cold hands (gloves make it too hard to take notes), I realized there was a perfectly good solution. These little gems will allow me to sketch, scribble and scrawl while keeping my hands toasty warm!

The pattern is a slightly modified version of Lion Brand’s Cottage Wrist Warmers. I simply continued the ribbing to make them longer and I also used a slightly bulkier yarn.


Great Collection of Garter Stitch Blankets

Just came across this great post by Fringe Association. This has indeed been a chilly winter in the Bay Area and who doesn’t want to curl up in one of these great graphic blankets? Thanks Karen for sharing these amazing patterns!

New Favorites: Graphic garter-stitch blankets.

via Fringe Association.

Holy Woolly Winterness!

Christmas may be over, but we can still enjoy the season that chills our toes while warming our hearts: Welcome Winterness!

Winter is wonderful… Our homes are cozy, a warm meals feels like an indulgence, and a hot cup of anything is endlessly gratifying. (Coffee, tea, cider, glogg? Bring it on!)

I must admit, however, that since moving to the West Coast, I have not been weathering the bitter cold like I did as a child. Here, the temperature is never more than slightly uncomfortable and my nostalgic side sorely misses “real” winter. Thus, I have developed a finely tuned system of overcompensation:

  • Denial: Wear winter clothing whether it is necessary or not. (65 degrees? Looks like it’s time for the down jacket!)
  • Showmanship: Everyday, whether it’s warm or cold outside, I walk into office saying “brr” while rubbing my hands together. (This helps to sell the aforementioned down jacket)
  • Cooking: I suspend fish tacos from my diet for the duration of winter. I stick to true heart warming meals: Chili, Shepherds Pie, Beef Stew, and anything made with cream of mushroom soup.
  • Knitting: I like to develop a long cue of woolly knitting projects to keep me busy all winter long. This successfully keeps my hands busy and my eyes averted from the inevitably temperate exterior conditions. Below I have shared a few prized pieces from this years winter knitting cue….

Winter Knit collage

  1. Super Soft Merino Fluted Cowl, by the purl bee. This will be my first project, I have been on the look out for a cowl that is just the right length for a double loop around the neck and it looks like this one is just perfect!
  2. Ethel Wrap Shawl, by Monique Gascon
  3. State Street Cowl, by Pam Allen for quince&co.
  4. Hats for Everyone!, by the purl bee.
  5. Grand Tour Stole, by Annie’s Crafts
  6. Coffee Cup Cozy Mug Sleeve with Cable, by Richmond Hill Knits

Keep your needles sharp, take the kink out of your yarn and enjoy!