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ROOM – Spotlight on lighting…

I had to take a quick moment to share some great lighting from ROOM. When my co-worker emailed me a link to the Highwire Pendant I was immediately hooked. This morning, I finally carved out some time to explore the rest of their lighting and was tickled to see the great variety of fixtures and designers that they feature. I can’t wait to go back and scope out the rest of their product range… furniture, mirrors, screens…. Oh my!!


Wild about Roll & Hill light fixtures…


1. Roll & Hill – Bluff City Lights

2. Roll & Hill – Agnes Hanging Candelambra

3. Roll & Hill – Excel Chandelier

4. Roll & Hill – Modo Chandelier, 3 Sided, 10 Globes

Antler alert!

Uncle Buck, from Pindler and Pindler’s Gentleman’s Retreat Collection.

Yesterday I had the joy of spending a full work day at the San Francisco Design Center doing product research. It was the sort of day that makes being an interior designer worthwhile. For the entire day I set aside emails, appliance schedules and all of the nitty gritty to focus on the creative side of the job…

Now, most of our clients and many of my fellow designers fall into a very specific mold. Let it suffice to say that they are not antler people. So, when I came across the wonderfully whimsical fabric above, I knew that it would be much more appreciated by the Fancy Antler crowd.


Cozy Historic Home