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Month: February, 2013

Daily Dishonesty

Daily Dishonest CollageWhen I came across a Design Espionage post containing these great prints from Lauren Nicole Hom I giggled like a little school girl! Then, the more I read, the more I became afraid…. How did she get inside my head? And why does she know all my little white lies?!!

There is more where this came from, be sure to check out the full collection on her blog…

Daily Dishonesty.

via Daily Dishonesty.


ROOM – Spotlight on lighting…

I had to take a quick moment to share some great lighting from ROOM. When my co-worker emailed me a link to the Highwire Pendant I was immediately hooked. This morning, I finally carved out some time to explore the rest of their lighting and was tickled to see the great variety of fixtures and designers that they feature. I can’t wait to go back and scope out the rest of their product range… furniture, mirrors, screens…. Oh my!!

Last minute Superbowl party!


Clockwise from top: Beer Candied Bacon, Tide and Thyme; Meatballs Collection, William Sonoma; Tailgate beer bucket,; Chips and French Onion Dip, My Baking Addiction; Bloody Marys, Garden & Gun; Potato Bar, Real Simple

Okay gang, I have grandiose visions of being a great entertainer with wonderful coordinated menus and elegant presentation…. however, when the music in my head screeches to a halt- I get real.

Reality, for me at least, is that my husband and I like to host, however, it is almost always spur of the moment. Being bay area residents, we started having impromptu parties as soon as the 49ers got into the playoffs. (Admittedly, I’m not actually a 49ers fan. I grew up in Chicago… Go Bears!). Fan or no fan, the local team going all the way is certainly a good excuse for a party, so each game we have maxed out our 700 square foot apartment and huddled around the TV. Now it is Superbowl time and we have yet again decided (three days in advance and while I’m out of town on business) to host a party.

So, it’s planning time! Quick, easy and low-stress is my mantra.

Our guests will be mostly fellas, so frills are out and function is in…

Drinks: Lets stick with the B’s…. Beer (because the boys like it) and Bloody Mary’s (because I like it). I’m thinking to put the beers in a big galvanized metal bucket close to the TV. Bloody Mary’s will be in mason jars.

Main course: Lets face it, this is the Superbowl, it is mostly about the snacks. LOTS of snacks. So I’m planning to keep the main course simple and easy to eat. This weekend meatballs are going to be my meal of choice. The slowcooker is my party time savior… throw ’em in, turn it on, walk away. I’ll use an easy recipe such as this one for Cocktail Meatballs.

Snacks n Sides: I definitely want to morph Real Simple’s Potato bar concept into a potato skin bar. I’m envisioning that a bit of sour cream piped onto each potato skin will make them look just like a football. (Okay, I admit, I’m veering from my prior stated “no-frills” approach. I know the men will NOT appreciate this, but I gotta throw something in for my own amusement!) For my husband, I think I am required to try the Beer Candied Bacon recipe that I found on Tide & Thyme. To round out the the snack-centric gluttony I am going to lean on store bought chips, dip and pretzels.

Serving ware: I have two words for you… Store bought. I’ll put the meatballs, snacks, and sides out in real dishes but some good old Chinet should save me the joy of being up late on a Sunday washing dishes.

Happy Superbowl everyone!

Hot off the knitting needles…

Fingerless gloves

I am so excited that I finished these cozy fingerless gloves just in time for my trip to Lake Tahoe!

For the past couple years my design firm has maintained a steady stream of work in the Tahoe area, thus making me a frequent visitor. At the height of a project we visit the job site monthly and up here they don’t stop construction in the winter. I’m always impressed by how tough our construction crews are. They work full days… outdoors… without heat, and when I am here I try to keep up without too much complaining. So when I caught myself whimpering about cold hands (gloves make it too hard to take notes), I realized there was a perfectly good solution. These little gems will allow me to sketch, scribble and scrawl while keeping my hands toasty warm!

The pattern is a slightly modified version of Lion Brand’s Cottage Wrist Warmers. I simply continued the ribbing to make them longer and I also used a slightly bulkier yarn.

Fancy Antlers… Where have you gone?

Freelance Well…. this is where I went. To my home office (aka dining table). I have been lost in the wonderful, albeit occasionally overwhelming world of freelancing. On top of my regular nine-to-five design job, I made the smart…urrr silly, urrr… smart (jury is still out) choice to take on some additional side work.

After a crazy few weeks, I think- (knock on wood)… I am finally starting to get my routine in order. And what pray tell is the recipe for freelance success? Easy!

An extra cup of coffee in the morning, an extra glass of wine at night, frozen black bean burgers and a supportive husband who is a quick draw with the corkscrew and doesn’t mind eating microwaved black bean burgers.