If Money Grew on Trees

Hey! Hey….. HEY!!!

Right here! It’s me! I’m alive….

So I admit it has been awhile, but I think I’ll forgo the urge to make excuses. Basically, I’m overworked and underpaid.

Therefore, I feel inspired to introduce a new reoccurring blog entry: “If Money Grew on Trees Monday!” After all, there is nothing like a good writing prompt to get you back into the blogging habit.

Lets get things started right. IF money grew on trees…. 


Why, I would own this purse… in orange. The “Bongalow Breeze April” by Kate Spade is a staggering value at $268.00. Forget the fact that the contents of this precious little bag could fit into a zip-loc freezer baggie at a mere fraction of the retail price. This little sucker is cute. I would buy it despite that fact that I have no current need for it. I would buy it despite the fact that it’s strapless nature makes it completely and totally unpractical for my lifestyle. I would buy it even though it wouldn’t fit my purse organizer, cell phone, stain stick, wallet, mini-mirror, sunglasses, umbrella and random assortment of pens, most of which don’t work, and the remainder of which work too well… (ie leak all over my purse lining).

So, if money grows on your trees… Buy this. Enjoy it. For all of us who would never even consider it.