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Month: January, 2013

Wild about Roll & Hill light fixtures…


1. Roll & Hill – Bluff City Lights

2. Roll & Hill – Agnes Hanging Candelambra

3. Roll & Hill – Excel Chandelier

4. Roll & Hill – Modo Chandelier, 3 Sided, 10 Globes


Great Collection of Garter Stitch Blankets

Just came across this great post by Fringe Association. This has indeed been a chilly winter in the Bay Area and who doesn’t want to curl up in one of these great graphic blankets? Thanks Karen for sharing these amazing patterns!

New Favorites: Graphic garter-stitch blankets.

via Fringe Association.

2013 Calendars and Planners (Guaranteed not to beep, vibrate or bark!)

Poketo Agenda Planner

Poketo Agenda Planner

I faintly remember a time when I loved going to the bookstore during the first week of January and sifting through all the new calendars. I would get entranced by the big splashy graphics of the wall calendars and lose track of time trying to pick out which one I would take home with me. Then I would hit the personal planner section and flip through all the neat crisp pages with their charts and conversions and pockets and holiday listings. This tradition emphasized the sense of new beginnings and fresh starts while simultaneously giving me a decently good excuse to go shopping.

So what happened?
Google Calendar…. iPhone…. Micrsoft Outlook…. Need I say more?

I am syncing so much that I couldn’t miss an appointment if I tried! Our family Google Calendar syncs with my husband’s work laptop, his cell phone and my iPhone. My Outlook work calendar syncs to my iPhone and back to my Google Calendar. My birthday app (yes there’s an app for that) syncs with Facebook to keep track of everyone’s birthdays, which syncs with my Red Stamp app which allows me to send out semi personal digital or paper cards directly from my cell phone. Oh, and I almost forgot: my iCloud to-do list is syncing with both my Google Calendar and my iPhone GPS so that every time I leave the office my phone quacks like a duck and reminds me to bring home my Tupperware and sew a button on my co-workers jacket.

I’m in real deep…
I’m fully digital. As a matter of fact, I’m so far gone that I can barely remember life before digital. I’m not sure I’d know what to do if my calendar didn’t beep, quack, or ring at me. And yet, it seems so wrong…. Sometimes I dream about the days when I used to scribble and sketch in brightly colored agendas, and recently, I’ve seen so many beautiful ones that I started to wonder if I shouldn’t give it another chance. Perhaps at this stage in my life I am too far gone for a physical planner. But when did the large graphic wall calendar ever do me wrong?

So I’ve gathered together some of the most tempting planners, agendas, and calendars of 2013. After all, it may be too late for me, but there’s still hope for you…

Snow & Graham 2013 Desk Calendar

Snow & Graham 2013 Desk Calendar

Poketo Perfect Mini Planner III

Poketo Perfect Mini Planner III

Linda & Harriett Letterpress Perpetual Calendar

Linda & Harriett Letterpress Perpetual Calendar on Luxe Paperie

2013 Letterpress Art Desk Calendar & Wood Stump Holder on Luxe Paperie

2013 Letterpress Art Desk Calendar & Wood Stump Holder on Luxe Paperie

Graphic Image 2013 Metallic Leather Pocket Datebook

Graphic Image 2013 Metallic Leather Pocket Datebook

2013 Linnea Design Calendar

2013 Linnea Design Calendar

Old School Stationers 2013 Spiral Bound Wall Calendar

Old School Stationers 2013 Spiral Bound Wall Calendar

Voyage Eco Travel Journal

Poketo Voyage Eco Travel Journal

Voyage Eco Travel Journal

Poketo Voyage Eco Travel Journal

Antler alert!

Uncle Buck, from Pindler and Pindler’s Gentleman’s Retreat Collection.

Yesterday I had the joy of spending a full work day at the San Francisco Design Center doing product research. It was the sort of day that makes being an interior designer worthwhile. For the entire day I set aside emails, appliance schedules and all of the nitty gritty to focus on the creative side of the job…

Now, most of our clients and many of my fellow designers fall into a very specific mold. Let it suffice to say that they are not antler people. So, when I came across the wonderfully whimsical fabric above, I knew that it would be much more appreciated by the Fancy Antler crowd.


Holy Woolly Winterness!

Christmas may be over, but we can still enjoy the season that chills our toes while warming our hearts: Welcome Winterness!

Winter is wonderful… Our homes are cozy, a warm meals feels like an indulgence, and a hot cup of anything is endlessly gratifying. (Coffee, tea, cider, glogg? Bring it on!)

I must admit, however, that since moving to the West Coast, I have not been weathering the bitter cold like I did as a child. Here, the temperature is never more than slightly uncomfortable and my nostalgic side sorely misses “real” winter. Thus, I have developed a finely tuned system of overcompensation:

  • Denial: Wear winter clothing whether it is necessary or not. (65 degrees? Looks like it’s time for the down jacket!)
  • Showmanship: Everyday, whether it’s warm or cold outside, I walk into office saying “brr” while rubbing my hands together. (This helps to sell the aforementioned down jacket)
  • Cooking: I suspend fish tacos from my diet for the duration of winter. I stick to true heart warming meals: Chili, Shepherds Pie, Beef Stew, and anything made with cream of mushroom soup.
  • Knitting: I like to develop a long cue of woolly knitting projects to keep me busy all winter long. This successfully keeps my hands busy and my eyes averted from the inevitably temperate exterior conditions. Below I have shared a few prized pieces from this years winter knitting cue….

Winter Knit collage

  1. Super Soft Merino Fluted Cowl, by the purl bee. This will be my first project, I have been on the look out for a cowl that is just the right length for a double loop around the neck and it looks like this one is just perfect!
  2. Ethel Wrap Shawl, by Monique Gascon
  3. State Street Cowl, by Pam Allen for quince&co.
  4. Hats for Everyone!, by the purl bee.
  5. Grand Tour Stole, by Annie’s Crafts
  6. Coffee Cup Cozy Mug Sleeve with Cable, by Richmond Hill Knits

Keep your needles sharp, take the kink out of your yarn and enjoy!

Happy Birthday Mom!


My mom is the best…

My mom is smart and funny and beautiful and creative. She talks in strange little voices, does goofy little dances and draws funny little cartoon people. She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

We have always been best friends because we’ve always had a lot in common…. We both went to design school, as a matter of fact, we went to the same design school and had some of the same professors. We have the same nose and ears (slightly larger than average). Luckily, we have the same smile too… (also slightly larger than average). We like coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night. We aren’t natural morning people, but we tough it out if we need to. We think that snow is magical and that the downtown city lights are special. We like to knit and cook and create and decorate.

If somebody said “Hey Kate, you are just like your mom…” I would do a goofy little happy dance (just like her) and consider it the best compliment ever. After all, she is the most sweet, caring and loving woman that I have ever known.

Happy Birthday Mom 🙂

Back in the saddle (again)….

My father-in-law lovingly refers to their cozy Missouri homestead as "The Roost." I always look forward to our relaxing Christmas's there, enjoying the peace and tranquility of a slower pace of life.

The Missouri homestead is lovingly nicknamed “The Roost.” I love our relaxing Christmases there, enjoying the peace and tranquility of a slower pace of life.

My husband and I spent the holidays in small town Missouri with a bustling houseful of relatives. This biennial holiday event affords us many pleasures that we miss out on in our day to day Silicon Valley life. We take the dog out (without a leash), feed the neighbor’s horses, chase our nieces through my father-in-laws 7.5 acre property, drink Folgers, spook guinea hens and at the end of a long day we lay in bed listening to the freight trains whistle through the night.  The lack of strong internet connection, traffic, stores, restaurants and entertainment transformed what can be a commercialized holiday into a true family occasion. It also meant that I got copious amounts of knitting done and ate vast quantities of homemade cookies. Here are just a few photos of the backdrop to our wonderful family Christmas…