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Ode to the Coziness

1. Pale Pumpkins, via Fleaing France
2. Glass bottles with wood stoppers, by West Elm
3. Knit Koozies, via Fleaing France
4. Quiet Autumn inspiration board, via Very Sarie


Autumn Wonder: Hues of Pumpkin


1. Inviting Autumn Entry, via Fleaing France
2. Shadow Plaid Throw, by West Elm
3. Copper Leaf Gourds, by Martha Stewart
4. Autumn Orange Cable Knit iPhone Sleeve, by Kare Knits on Etsy
5. Frame Leaf Art, via Pepper Design Blog

Can we get a little love for Thanksgiving?

Just a few weeks ago there were spiders, goblins, and witches as far as the eye could see. Then, almost overnight, everything is all holly and mistletoe. Everywhere I look there are Christmas commercials, Christmas decorations, and just today I heard that my local mall is having their Christmas tree lighting this weekend. Now lets just ho-ho-hold on.

Can we PLEASE get a little love for Thanksgiving?!

The fact of the matter is that I am a real life “Tinselhead.” Admittedly, I have a pretty hard time not indulging in early-Christmafocity, so with all this additional peer pressure I’ve almost caved into full blown pre-mature fa-la-looneyness. Yesterday, I let my Christmas Carol Pandora station play for a full 3 minutes before I realized the error of my ways. (Full disclosure: I had a short relapse this morning… one “Feliz Navidad” and half a “What Child is This” later I hung up my Jingle Bells and switched back to Easy Listening Radio)

Anyways. I am enacting a new personal policy to try, (key word try), to focus on Thanksgiving for the month of November. This means that despite the crafty call of consumerism, I will try to keep my candy canes in their holsters from Oct 31st – Thanksgiving Day. After all, isn’t it a fitting exercise to focus on being thankful for what we already have prior to a season in which we rarely hesitate to ask for what we want?

For whatever reason, this has been specifically hard for me this year, somehow my brain has just skipped ahead… therefore, I am seeking out some full blown Thanksgiving inspiration. Over the next few days I will be on the look out for all things Autumnal. Watch out pumpkins, move over harvest moon, straighten up birch bark…. I’m comin for ya!