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Month: November, 2012

Ode to the Coziness

1. Pale Pumpkins, via Fleaing France
2. Glass bottles with wood stoppers, by West Elm
3. Knit Koozies, via Fleaing France
4. Quiet Autumn inspiration board, via Very Sarie


Autumn Wonder: Hues of Pumpkin


1. Inviting Autumn Entry, via Fleaing France
2. Shadow Plaid Throw, by West Elm
3. Copper Leaf Gourds, by Martha Stewart
4. Autumn Orange Cable Knit iPhone Sleeve, by Kare Knits on Etsy
5. Frame Leaf Art, via Pepper Design Blog

Can we get a little love for Thanksgiving?

Just a few weeks ago there were spiders, goblins, and witches as far as the eye could see. Then, almost overnight, everything is all holly and mistletoe. Everywhere I look there are Christmas commercials, Christmas decorations, and just today I heard that my local mall is having their Christmas tree lighting this weekend. Now lets just ho-ho-hold on.

Can we PLEASE get a little love for Thanksgiving?!

The fact of the matter is that I am a real life “Tinselhead.” Admittedly, I have a pretty hard time not indulging in early-Christmafocity, so with all this additional peer pressure I’ve almost caved into full blown pre-mature fa-la-looneyness. Yesterday, I let my Christmas Carol Pandora station play for a full 3 minutes before I realized the error of my ways. (Full disclosure: I had a short relapse this morning… one “Feliz Navidad” and half a “What Child is This” later I hung up my Jingle Bells and switched back to Easy Listening Radio)

Anyways. I am enacting a new personal policy to try, (key word try), to focus on Thanksgiving for the month of November. This means that despite the crafty call of consumerism, I will try to keep my candy canes in their holsters from Oct 31st – Thanksgiving Day. After all, isn’t it a fitting exercise to focus on being thankful for what we already have prior to a season in which we rarely hesitate to ask for what we want?

For whatever reason, this has been specifically hard for me this year, somehow my brain has just skipped ahead… therefore, I am seeking out some full blown Thanksgiving inspiration. Over the next few days I will be on the look out for all things Autumnal. Watch out pumpkins, move over harvest moon, straighten up birch bark…. I’m comin for ya!

Andy Warhol – Campbell’s Tomato Soup

I absolutely need to track down a few of these limited-edition Campbell’s Tomato Soup cans! They were released in honor of the 50th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s 1962 famed work, 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans. Read more about this nod to a piece of Pop Art history…

Source: Grocery Headquarters

Big kids spell too.

I love these metal letters from Land of Nod! Why are these only marketed for children? I love to spell too! And frankly, I want a few of these right in my front entry.

Mondays knock the air out of me.

This is how I felt when I got home from work today. Thanks to The Golden Canvas for posting a photo that so eloquently interpreted my mental and physical state into canine form.

Not every birthday can be a Martha Stewart moment.

Well, the photo probably says just about enough.

This past weekend was my husband’s birthday. Typically, I would take this as an opportunity to spend hours in the kitchen concocting a quadruple layer German Chocolate Cake with Coconut-Pecan Filling. And usually I would plan a surprise, such as last year when I schemed to have his brother fly in from the East Coast. However, to be honest… I just wasn’t on my A-game this year.

So, guess what my poor man got… A pumpkin muffin topped with leftover frosting from the infamous Halloween Spider Cake and a brand new beard trimmer.

To top it off… (or to not top it off)… I ran out of birthday candles. Haha, not every birthday can be a Martha Stewart moment.

Anderson Design Group: Travel Posters

Just stumbled across Anderson Design Group, an award-winning graphic design firm based in Nashville, TN. I have gotten completely lost in all their beautiful graphics, especially these great vintage style travel posters!


V is for Victory

Sure enough, I have emerged victorious! I woke up early, hit the gym (aka my living room) and powered through my AM workout. Victory, of course, is never without sacrifice and likewise my battle against the alarm was not without its casualties. Technically, I still snoozed for an hour. I envisioned myself up with the dawn, slipping on my hot pink sneakers and terry sweat band in the dark while the Rocky theme song is slowly building in the background. I planned to finish my workout with time to shower, cook breakfast, and drink my coffee while reclining on the sofa and taking in the Today Show. Instead, I woke up an hour later then planned. Being the stubborn person that I am, I crammed in my workout anyways. The result? I rolled into work 15 minutes late, uncaffeinated, with a wet mess of hair piled atop my head. I thought I had one thing going for me… breakfast. Before hopping in the shower I had thrown a few eggs on the stove and I arrived at work toting two protein filled hard-boiled eggs, (the perfect post work out breakfast!). I snuck into the office through the back door and stopped by the kitchenette to grab a cup of coffee and pulled out my eggs. As I started to tap the egg on the counter to remove the shell, I quickly realized that my eggs were not hard-boiled… as a matter of fact, you could barely call these eggs soft boiled. I had successfully cracked open a raw egg onto the counter and watched the yoke run everywhere.

BUT, at least I got that workout in.


Hello. Welcome to my blog. Here’s a picture of a cake…

My apologies, it’s a very anti-climatic opening I know, but it took me a little while to warm up to the idea of written content.

Wow- Inability to share? Hello red flag of all blogging red flags. This might be an epic failure. Blogging just might be to big of a stretch for me. I have commitment issues… well, not THAT kind of commitment issue. I’m happily married, I’ve held my job for three years, and I have been vehemently opposed to the consumption of lima beans since I was old enough to spit them into my napkin. But I admit that I am concerned about the actual consistency aspect of this blogging gig.

Pretty much, I’m a fickle writer. I like writing when I have plenty of time, and on days that end in “y” and start with “T.” And only if its after dusk, unless it happens to be prior to noon and I have a full cup of coffee. And aforementioned coffee must be hot but not scalding, and preferably black unless it’s Christmas in which case it better have eggnog in it. And if the window is open and the sun… well, you get it. And if my writing wasn’t a big enough handicap, my photography skills (or lack thereof) will truly do me in.

So why try?

Well, it is with slight embarrassment (and two paragraphs of pure avoidance….) that I should get to the point. I am a disgruntled creative-type. I work full time as an interior designer at a small boutique firm. Over the past three years I’ve seen my responsibilities increase and my actual creative fulfillment decrease. Some days I find myself spending more time writing emails, filing submittals and drafting details then I really do being creative. So this blog is a nod to my hobbies and inspirations. Knitting, cooking, holiday festivocity, décor, nature, places and spaces. It is bound to be a mish mash… but, it will be my mish mash. Full creative license.

There is one additional challenge:

I have determined that in order to make blogging work for me I must allocate an appropriate amount of time. This means carving out some additional time in my evenings. And the only way to free up my evenings is for me to change my typical post-work exercise routine. Therefore, it is time for a grandiose statement of epic proportions:

I will start working out in the morning… and I WILL start tomorrow.

This is big. A typical “early morning” for me means snoozing the alarm for an hour, rolling out of bed at 8am and downing my coffee on the sofa while watching the Today Show. Yet, I’m determined to make a change. I’ve even shared this goal with my husband so that he can offer encouragement and support… he laughed at me.

Oh well. We’ll show him.