Happy Birthday Mom!

by fiber-musings


My mom is the best…

My mom is smart and funny and beautiful and creative. She talks in strange little voices, does goofy little dances and draws funny little cartoon people. She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

We have always been best friends because we’ve always had a lot in common…. We both went to design school, as a matter of fact, we went to the same design school and had some of the same professors. We have the same nose and ears (slightly larger than average). Luckily, we have the same smile too… (also slightly larger than average). We like coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night. We aren’t natural morning people, but we tough it out if we need to. We think that snow is magical and that the downtown city lights are special. We like to knit and cook and create and decorate.

If somebody said “Hey Kate, you are just like your mom…” I would do a goofy little happy dance (just like her) and consider it the best compliment ever. After all, she is the most sweet, caring and loving woman that I have ever known.

Happy Birthday Mom 🙂